Hyundai santa fe 4x4 bird

Ops Vehicle with Bird System

Hyundai Santa Fe 4x4

The Hyundai Santa Fe 4x4 has been modified to carry a bird scaring acoustic system and LED message board.

LED message board in the rear window to signal messages to pilots or passengers in emergency situations

Roof mounted bird scaring acoustic system

Yellow CAP168 beacons (specification for vehicle obstacle marking, emitting no more than 400cd, and will not dazzle flight crew in their elevated position to the ground servicing vehicles)

Dash mounted 3-way radio

360 degree 700 watt searchlight controlled from the vehicle and mounted to operate above the line of sight from the beacons

Durable load liner to rear to minimise damage to vehicle whilst carrying emergency tools and cutting equipment

Tow bar and electrics

Airport specific reflective stickers.