Micro trenching

Narrow Trenching Cutting Machine

Making cuts for the deployment of fibre optic networks in an urban environment


Dry narrow trenching with waste materials put aside of the trench

Specific Features:

Limited size of the vehicle, which allows cutting on sidewalks
Sound proofing of the components
No blasting and no dust during the burying works
Quick network deployment process


The narrow trench and the job site are clean
No disturbance to pedestrians during the works
Limited disturbance to residents
Increased safety of the job site
No damage to road foundations
Sidewalks can be used again very soon
Reduction in building costs
Fast execution of the job
Trenching in curbs


Downsizing of the trenching process


Up to 100ml/hour

Technical features of the cutting tool:

Cutting depth: upto 300mm
Side offset: 390mm on the right and 160mm on the left, from machine axle

Size and Weight of the unit:

Length in working position: 4300mm
Length in transport position: 4400mm
Width: 1050mm
Height: 1850mm
Weight: 2850kg

Motor Drive:

Lombardini Motor
Power 63hp @ 3000 rd/min


Articulated track chassis on solid and flexible tyres


Radio control piloting
Preparation and injection workshop for backfilling of the cut

  1. Remote Control

  2. Cutting Blade

  3. Temperature Gauges

  4. Emergency Stop

  5. Hoses

  6. Motor