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Case Study


Morrison can trace its origins back to 1884. Today it is one of the leading utility service providers with an excellent reputation for safety, quality and reliability. With its headquarters in Stevenage, Morrison has a large geographic spread to help it service its UK-wide customer base. Morrison uses a wide and varied range of vehicles across many different kinds of sites, from linesman’s vehicles to access platforms. The client wanted a supplier that could help them specialise the myriad of vehicles to the needs of its operatives in a highly responsive and cost-effective way.

Thanks to our unique approach, in addition to being able to deal with the managers responsible for vehicle hire, we were also able to speak directly to the people who operate the vehicles. This meant that, as well as solving known problems, we could work out solutions to issues that non-operatives didn't even know existed. The result was a more effective and efficient fleet with reduced maintenance and minimal downtime.

“2Rent provide a great, pro-active service. Their ability to specialise the vehicles, head off problems before they arise and then deal with them quickly if they do, is unmatched in the industry. ” Charles Farley Morrison.