Prepare your business for snow now.

Beat the cost of winter with 2Rent Snow Solutions. At 2Rent, the UK’s leading specialised vehicle hire company, we have developed a range of winter solutions that give you the power to handle hazardous winter driving conditions cost effectively. Whether you’re looking for a snowplough and grit spreader, or simply a pickup that will get your people to that all important contract during the depths of winter, 2Rent has the answer.

Quad with Snow Package

Ideal for clearing lanes, driveways, pathways, schools and small car parks, the road legal 2Rent Snow Quad with snowplough and SnowEx grit spreader is a budget-friendly, flexible vehicle.

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UTV with Snow Package

The road legal 2Rent Snow UTV with extra grit storage is ideal for clearing lanes, driveways, pathways, schools and small car parks.

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Mitsubishi with snowplough

Powerful 4x4 transport capability in all weathers, with the option of a snowplough and grit spreader when you need them, providing you with two solutions in one.

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7.5 Tonne Snow Clearer

This 7.5 tonne vehicle is perfect for clearing larger areas, such as industrial sites, supermarket car parks, roads and airports. With an extra large grit carrying capacity, and a powerful snowplough, no space is too much.

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4x4 Crew Transporter

Make sure your crews get to the project no matter the weather or the terrain. Transporting up to nine crew plus storage, the 4x4 Crew Transporter is a robust so

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