Welfare door open

The Ultimate Welfare Van

Superior Welfare Van Hire For The Discerning Self-contained mobile solutions

Command Centre

Unique in the market, the Command Centre puts convenient control of the welfare vehicle at your fingertips without having to leave the welfare area, saving you time and worry.

Command centre

Control vehicle beacons at the touch of a button

Systems check for peace of mind
Early warning system lets you know when you need to start the engine before the power runs out
Controls all electrics, from toilet to microwave
2x12 Volt sockets for charging mobile phones and devices
User guide – easy to understand instructions for use of the welfare vehicle facilities
Hygienic easy to clean interface

  1. Led lighting system

    LED Lighting System

  2. 240 volt

    12 Volt sockets for charging

  3. First aid

    10-man first aid kit

  4. Eye wash

    Eyewash Station

  5. Glass hammer

    Emergency break-glass hammer

  6. Fire extinguisher

    2kg powder fire extinguisher

  7. Papertowels

    Paper towel/gel soap dispenser

  8. Removeable seats

    Removable seat for extra storage

  9. Sink

    Elbow-to-wrist sink with hot water

  10. Microwave

    400w Microwave

  11. On demand water boiler

    On-demand water boiler

  12. Bluetooth

    Bluetooth telephony

  13. Water tank

    100L fresh water tank with gauge

  14. Safety grip handles

    Safety grip handles

  15. Anti slip area

    High-visibility, anti-slip step area

  16. Shelf

    Storage shelf

  17. Overhead dividers

    Overhead storage with dividers

  18. Led lights

    LED safety lights to step in areas

  19. Vosa tested seat

    VOSA tested seats

Frost stat

Frost stat

Automatically warms the welfare vehicle and water supply when temperature reaches 3°C, which means there is no need to worry about freezing water, or having to dump it before leaving the vehicle for the night. You still have the option to drain water when needed, and the stat only works when water is present

Led lighting system

LED Lighting System

  • Environmentally friendly low-energy lighting
  • Uses less energy than fluorescent
  • Courtesy light with automatic and night-mode options
Heating controls


  • 18 panel
  • Fully controllable and flexible
  • Heats water and air
  • Programmable timer memory and manual control
  • Automatic 1-hour safety switch-off
  • Green water policy
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ensures water is not disposed via the ground


  1. Toilet


  2. Led pir auto

    PIR automatic LED lighting

  3. Led rear working light

    LED rear work light

  4. Sink

    Elbow-to-wrist sink with hot water

  5. Water saving tap

    Non-concussive taps for saving water

  6. Mirror

    Vanity mirror

  7. Paper towel

    Paper towel dispenser

  8. Gel soap

    Gel soap dispenser

  9. Toilet holder

    Toilet roll holder

  10. Air freshener

    Airwick air monitoring freshener

  11. Large window

    Large roof window for natural light

  12. Large window

    Escape hatch

  13. Hanging hook

    Spade hanging and ratchet points

  14. High visibility anit slip step

    High-visibility, full width anti-slip step


  1. Led beacon

    Extra wide 360 ° vision LED beacon

  2. Chapter 8 livery

    Fully compliant Chapter 8 livery

  3. Amber running light

    Amber running lights

  4. Front flashing headlight

    High-intensity front flashing beacons

  5. Lockable tinted window

    Lockable tinted windows

  6. Led lights

    Lighting to step in areas

  7. Large roof

    Roof ventilation for messing/toilet

  8. Popout step

    Pop out step to the messing area

  9. Towbar

    Adjustable height tow ball and pin