Welfare Cabin

Provides versatility and ease of use.

2 Rent towable welfare unit by ECO Pod: Easily towed for transport, Welfare area for up to 6 people, Hot / Cold water, Kettle, Microwave, Heating, Drying Room, Chemical Toilet, Silent running auto start Stephill diesel generator.

This state of the art welfare unit from ECO Pod provides the versatility and ease of use for delivery with its tow and stow system but with the added safety features that make the 2 Rent towable welfare unit great for those sites where a more permanent and larger welfare facility is needed without the hastle and cost of the delivery with a traditional welfare cabin. The 2 Rent Welfare unit can be towed to site and moved with ease but transforms at the push of a button into a perminant welfare cabin and can be locked away at night with its anti vandal system.

  1. Retractable Light System

  2. Water Filling Point

  3. Washing Area

  4. Chemical Toilet

  5. Kitchen Area

  6. Internal Control Panel

  7. Fuse Box

  8. Seating Area for 6

  9. First Aid Kit

  10. Drinking Water Storage

  11. Microwave

  12. Light Motion Sensor

  13. Under Seat Storage

  14. Waste Water Container

  15. Easy Clean Flooring

  16. Cabin Lift Controls

  17. Draw Bar Controls